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Many people suffer with ongoing health conditions that can effect so many areas of their life. We offer two workshops geared to help people live life to the fullest with their ongoing health conditions.

Both of these workshops are free and run for 6 weeks. You may bring a family member or caregiver with you.

One or both of these workshops may be right for you.


NOW AVAILABLE: Online Chronic Disease Self Management Workshop.

For more information please log on Ontario Self Management Workshop/English Ontario Self Management Workshop/French

Link To Ontario Self Management Workshop English   Programme en ligne d’autogestion des maladies chroniques


Chronic Disease Self Management

Take Charge! is a workshop for those who live with any chronic or ongoing health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, anxiety, pain, depresssion and arthritis to better manage their symptoms.

Some of the Topics you will learn about are:

  • healthy eating
  • how to add exercise to your day
  • managing stress
  • planning and problem solving
  • how to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider

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Chronic Pain Self Management

Chronic Pain Self Management workshop is for people who live with chronic pain. Each week you will learn new ways to live your life with your chronic pain and improve the quality of your life.

Some of the Topics you will learn about are:

  • treatments that are available to you
  • what to do when you have difficulty sleeping and feel worn out
  • what to do when you feel closed off from others
  • how to cope when you feel like pain is controlling your life.

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